Your Time – Your Moment

Timing is everything.

In this season of governmental order, perfection and establishment , Doors are open for all who will receive and walk through. Opposition will present itself but I have not given you the spirit of fear, I formed you for dominion. Walk in that dominion now and know that I have sent a select few to help guide you through this process. Know that where you are going they have been and through this process, breakthrough shall occur for all.  As they bring you through they will be brought through their own processes.  This is a season of divine relationships and covenants being strengthened.  Know who you are and who God would have you attached too.

In this season – even as doors are opened – there will be a refining process.  The process will be likened unto a consuming fire brought to purge and remove everything that is not useful.  Fearless Faith is needed to walk through the open door, but even as you apply your Faith, know that perfection and refining is at work.  In some cases, this will require a change of environment, change of mindset, change of attitude and change of heart.  This also requires Perseverance, Endurance and Tenacity.  Humility shall be your response in order to obtain the Goods.  The fight is in the spiritual but playing out in the natural, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood.  Through it all, God is setting you in a wealthy place to aide and assist the masses.  In this season, what you do unto your brother, you do unto God. Watch your response – even when it appears to be right.  God has your back, He is your refuge and your strength,  a very present help in the time of need.

Your Time, Your Season, Your Moment.. Now!!!

Diligent In The Way!