Well – Don’t Just Stand There



Well – Don’t Just Stand There

Really Quick Hello To You All.  I’m excited and preparing for our Marketplace Empowerment Workshop on (4/26) at 10am in Olympia Fields, IL at Sergeant Means Park.  Join us if you can for “Strategies 2 Success” on starting, repositioning or expanding your business and personal life.  Chicagoland —- I can’t wait to see you there.

Now —- So, where do you find yourself today?  It’s Friday, so most are happy to just be off of work and have the weekend to themselves.  But come Monday, many will find themselves in a melancholy state because their on their way to work but not on their WAY TO PURPOSE.  Hear me now: We are in our season of Rehoboth (See: Gen 26:22).  God is bringing those that have toiled, served, plowed, etc., into a place of reaping what has been sown.  Many wells have been dug, but this next well (place of faith and trust in God) shall spring forth.  No quarrelling, no more arguing, just a broad and fruitful land.  My God… 

DOORS are Open For ACCESS to ALL that have been inquiring of God. These OPEN Doors require more faith, more fire and more fervency. They require you to step out inFAITH.  They require you to reach back and pull someone else along.  They require you to be your brother’s and your sister’s keeper.  What is life if we aren’t using it for the greater good of the Kingdom and using the Word and Gods principles to shape and mold the lives of others?
Fight the Good Fight of Faith and Be Diligent in This Season. MOVE TOWARDS PURPOSE.  Need to know how? Contact us at: www.pamalahutcherson.com.

Has God called you into entrepreneurship?  Do you have an idea or ministry concept that you are looking to launch and need help?  Look no further, our organization offers a Complimentary Strategic Consultation as well as a host of programs to help you launch this endeavor. 
To schedule your Complimentary Strategic Consultation, simply go to:http://pamalahutcherson.com  Mark 9:23 Anything is possible to him who believes.

I’m Excited For Your Change
Pamala Hutcherson
The Marketplace Coach