Hey You – Get Back Out There

Hey There Folks

Its been a while. Yep, as a matter of fact, its been quite some time. Anything after a few months and folks begin to wonder if you’re out of the game. Well – NOT SO… Here’s where I am… I took some much needed time off and began to reflect on areas in my life that needed fine-tuning. I spent time coaching and connecting with a select few who needed to finalize their next steps on going live with their business and/or assisted them in creating new strategies to support the outcomes that they desired to see. After that – it was all about ME. ME and what I needed to do, where I wanted to go and finding out what was NEXT. And that my friends, is not a bad thing. 

Often-times we’re moving about just for the sake of being busy and you can find yourself hanging on by a thread because you haven’t taken the time to refocus. However, if you don’t reflect on your WHY, you’ll find yourself burned out, working to make things happen for others while feeling a sense of void yourself. Therefore, I committed myself to figure it out. And so here I am. All is well. New Team and a New Agenda.

But don’t stay there too long. While it’s ok to Refocus and Reset, you don’t want to find yourself in that place for an extended period of time. So my goal today is to tell you too Get Back Out There. There’s more to accomplish – Folks that you still need to impact – Projects and Ideas that you still need to start and finish.

We’re in the final stretch of 2018. You’ll miss it if you don’t have expectations set for the remainder of the year. What is your WHY? Is it time to Reassess where you are and Re-evaluate where you’re going? What are you committed to completing in the next month or so? What areas need to be closed or completed before years end?

Enter 2019 refreshed and focused on that which you are called to and none other. Yes ma’am, I said it. Commit to nothing else but that which you are called too, lest you’ll find yourself moving counter-productive to the goal/vision/dream because you’re focusing on those things that you are NOT called too or sitting in a place of pity for too long.

Lastly, I noticed quite a few new contacts on the list. If you’re one of them, welcome and I’m glad to have you. I’m hopeful that you’ll continue to join me as I provide content on all things Marketplace. I’m confident that something will be shared which will be beneficial to you and your goals. 

Stay Sharpened – Stay Focused – Stay New

Dr. Pam

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