Are You Intentional?

slider-strategies-Sept-2013-Rev1Happy End of August Folks,

So we find ourselves at the end of August, four months before 2014 – and the question is “Are You Intentional?”

I love the month of August, because August is indicative of a New Beginning.  When you research the number “Eight” scripturally, you’ll find the number assigned to “new” or “beginning again”.

As we make our way closer to 2014, I want to put this thought on your mind.  “Are You Intentional?”.  Intentional is defined as: to be done by design or intended, purposeful, deliberate or calculated.  2012 was a year of order and restructuring for many.  We saw many areas of our lives shaken as we were tested and strengthened in the Lord.   As we entered into 2013, a year of Manifestation and Open Doors – many were excited to exit the old and enter the new, but many have gotten weary and lost their way.  Which means in a year of “Open Doors” and season of “Manifestation” many have lost their way because they haven’t been diligent in applying the work required (Intentional Pursuit).

So the question today is: Are you intentional in your pursuit of: building a better marriage, intentional in your pursuit for better health, financial success, business success or even success in your singleness?  I ask you this because where ever you apply effort and where ever you are deliberate in your pursuit is where you’ll find success.

For the remainder of this year, lets make certain that we are intentional in our pursuit in whatever area God lays on your heart.  If it’s to lose more weight – make healthier eating choices, join a gym or add more days into your current regimen.  If its financial success – cut back on eating out or find areas that you can trim in your budget so that you can add more to your savings.  If that doesn’t work, perhaps picking up part-time work will assist in adding more income or paying off bills faster.  Your marriage – have a date night, speak positive affirmations, remember what about this person caused you to fall in love in the first place.  Singleness – Have a group of friends that hold you accountable, require more and maybe even perhaps give more, change your standards, build your self-confidence.  Whatever area it is – BE INTENTIONAL.

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Much Success, Pamala Hutcherson

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