Open Doors

Open Doors

God has given us all that we need to succeed in this life. His word says that He will supply our every need and will do exceedingly and abundantly above all we could ask or think.  Seek Him first and all else will be provided.

In this season many doors have been opened, but these doors require something of you.  The Shift is taking place, and the DOOR Is WIDE OPEN.  Ensure that you have your armor on because its going to take your “strength, endurance & perseverance” to get through the straight and narrow door.

DOORS are Open For ACCESS to ALL that have been inquiring of God. However, the Door is open but narrow if you can picture that.  It’s wide (many blessings are through the door) but allows only those who will fight to enter in (narrow). Meaning that we need to have on our full armor (Eph 6:11) to access some of the blessings. The word tells us in Matt 11:12 that the Kingdom of God suffereth Violence but the Violent take it by force.  A door can be open but the enemy will try to place distraction, discontent, and disruption at the door. We have to know that it’s an OPEN DOOR Season but we must be willing to pray, even sometimes fast in order to access the things of God. THESE ARE ALL GOOD DOORS…. Anything worth having will take Blood, sweat and tears.  John 10:10 reads, The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I, The Lord Your God, have come to give you life, and Life More Abundantly.

These OPEN Doors require more faith, more fire and more fervency. They require you to reach back and pull someone else along.  They require you to be your brother and your sisters keeper.  What is life if we aren’t using it for the greater good of the Kingdom and using the Word and Gods principles to shape and mold the lives of others.  In order to obtain the goods, something more is required of you.  More Faith, More Fire, More Fervency.  Aid in the shaping of others and He will aid in the shaping of you.

Fight the Good Fight of Faith and Be Diligent in This Season.

Diligent In The Way!!

Pamala Hutcherson

The Marketplace Coach