Don’t Look Back

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Don’t Look Back

Are you tired of feeling as if your life is going in circles? Up one minute and Down the next? Have you surveyed the hindrances or perceived barriers to accomplishing your goals?

Have you ever thought to yourself “It Must Be More To Life Than This” or “I feel like I’m Just Going Along to Get Along”

Here’s what I’ve learned. Many of us aren’t progressing towards promise because we are afraid. My short and summarized word for you today is: Do it and Don’t look back….

The problem with many is: (1) You’re afraid to do it (2) You keep looking back… Don’t lag behind.. (See: Gen 19:15-26). Lots wife looked back and turned into a pillar of salt. Could it have been her fear of what she was leaving behind for a future unknown to her? Could she have been compelled to leave but so tied to the life and way that she’d always known? Can you find yourself in this scenario? You’ve been given direction but you are unsure of what will unfold. Beloved, trust God. Let Him lead the way. Lean not unto your own understanding and watch Him direct your path. Whatever your “rear-view” mirror is. (family, location, vocation, education, relationships).. When God says go – by all means Go and Don’t look back. Stop looking for the approval and commission of those who have no clear direction for their own lives.

Fear is designed to distract and delay. Don’t be distracted, you have no time for delays.

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Dr. Pam