Can you handle “The Weight of The Weight?”


The Weight of the Weight

Can you handle your assignment?

Many of us have God given visions and dreams that have yet to manifest. And even those that have manifested are not fully developed due to a myriad of complexities. I come to you today to ask, “Can you handle the weight of the weight?” Can you handle your assignment? Can you handle what it would take to get you from where you are to where you are destined to be?

By weight, I mean the very thing that God has called you to. He designed it specifically for you, but where you are now, where you find your self today, I ask – can you handle it?

Not just in your job, or via your academic path, but many live in fragmented homes, charred with smoldering wood pieces of divorce, financial issues, issues in your health, etc. Many of these issues, the enemy would use to keep you from your destined place. If the enemy can get you to focus more on looking good externally, than your internal home, you’ll live a life of being dressed up on the outside but messed up internally. If he can get your focus off of eating healthy, balanced meal portions, then he can lure you into the trap of obesity, too tired to care for your family or your home, too worn-out and exhausted to make it to the gym. Once lured there, its quite possible to become entrapped with a diagnosis of hypertension or diabetes, ailments that have trampled your bloodline for years only for you to succumb to the same. “Can you handle The Weight of the Weight?”

If he can get you in your business, not to write the business plan, not to take the step to launching out in faith and trusting in HIM, you’ll always be left with “What If”…

So my question to you today is: Can you handle the Weight of the Weight?

Various Fields – Many are called to various places. You may find yourself in Senior Management in Corporate America, an Entrepreneur, marriage, single parenthood, educator, attending school or a combination of them all. The questions are – Do you know where you are assigned to be? Can you handle what it takes to get there and to keep yourself there until the next season? I believe that you can. God would not have given you the vision, the idea, the ability if you weren’t able to handle it. However, many times we need a bit of a nudge or assistance in getting there.

Trust God in this season and cast your cares on Him. Have a quiet resolve that He knows exactly where you are and what it will take to get you to where you need to be. Seek Him for the assignment on your life, knowing that everyone is assigned not to the same but according to his or her own ability. I look forward to hearing testimonies on the manifestation of greatness and fulfillment in your life. Know that we are in a season of instruction and direction. As you hear Him provide instruction, move accordingly.

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“If you can believe, all things are possible to those who believe.”- Mark 9:23

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