Marketplace Manifestation – A Season of More than Enough

1_Pamala_NewsLetter_MarketplaceManifestation-31A Season of More Than Enough

Hey there – I pray all is well with you and yours.

Where has the year gone?  At one point it feels as if we just entered2013 and on the other, reality shows we are on our way into 2014.

So what will you do with this new season or new year that you’ll find yourself in?  I’m sure that many of you feel like you have not moved, that there isn’t new upon us, but Amos 3:7 tells us that “Surely, the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing His plans to His servants, the prophets (NIV).  As a Marketplace Prophet and being at the very pulse of what God is doing in the Marketplace, it is imperative that you hear me.  “We are in a Shift.”  And unless you take a hold of the shift, you shall surely miss what is upon us.

God has really been speaking to many of His Prophets about this new place.  He recently gave me an assignment to conduct a study on Rehoboth.  And if any of you are aware, in summary – it was a place where after digging several wells to no avail, Isaac finally“Struck Gold.”  (See Gen 26).  After digging several wells, Isaac reached the place of Release.  Rehoboth is a broad place, a place of “flourishing” a place of expansion where the enemy can’t steal what has been given – it’s inherited land.  Can you imagine that?After so long, you get weary, you want to give up, you feel nobody believes and there are some days you don’t even believe.  But if you can keep at it, endure and persevere, knowing that we are at a Turn, don’t give up now – as we have entered into a season ofRelease.”  This Release has started happening for some of you and some of you are yet waiting on it, but God says WAIT.  Believe, for surely the turn is Here.  This is NOT the time to give up, it’s not the time to turn back and please whatever you do, Don’t Throw in the Towel.

So the question is: What is your location? Do you find yourselfpositioned for increase, believing and trusting or are you at the brink of giving up.  Whatever you do, don’t throw in the towel, for the tide is turning in your FAVOR

Join us:  I’ll be hosting Marketplace Manifestation” a Free National TeleConference on December 3rd, 4th & 5th at 7pm CST.  We’ll have successful Business men and women provide participants with “Strategies 2 Success” on building and growing your business.  You don’t want to miss this – the same tide that is turning in Your Favor means everything attached to you, your Family, your Business & your Finances – are turning as well.  Will you take the necessary steps to experience the turn?

Information on Marketplace Manifestation will be distributed within the next few days, but if you just can’t wait, give our offices a call at: 205-538-7678 or log on to: and set up a “Complimentary Assessment” of your business.  Click on the “consultation” link on the right lower half portion of the page and we’ll kick start your plan of action for you…

Much Success
Pamala Hutcherson, MPA, MHP, CCP
The Marketplace Coach

“If you can believe, all things are possible to those who believe.”- Mark 9:23