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It’s been a busy two weeks. We just came off of an awesome event on June 21st where we partnered with the City of Markham and Mayor David Webb, Jr.. We had a knowledgable team on hand to impart into the participants “Strategies 2 Success” in many area of their lives. Our keynote speaker at the event, was none other than Yolanda “YoYo” Whitaker. You may remember her as Hip Hop Female Pioneer “YoYo’ or for her work on the television show “Martin.” Yolanda played “Keylolo”, the sidekick of none other than “Sheneneh.” She has a host of other projects that she has been involved in and continues to pave the way for other females in Arts & Entertainment. It was a pleasure to meet her and hear her story on “Success” and her heart on her involvement with the youth. To all who came out, THANKS.

As we close the month of June, I wanted to be sure to send you out a note that would prepare you for this next season. Many of you have dreams that are hidden inside of you. Words that have been spoken that have yet to manifest. I come to tell you this is your season. — Walk It Out. No mumbling, no grumbling, He’s preparing you for Greater. Stop shedding tears, see the bigger picture – THIS IS YOUR TRAINING GROUND. Get up and Work.

You have Work to do and it’s time to get involved in the work. WHY you may ask? Because there is someone else that has need of you. Of your time, your gift and your talent. Who are you investing in? What work have you undertaken? Don’t Get Weary in THE WORK. To Whom Much is Given – That Much More and Then Some is REQUIRED….

John 10:10 tells us that: The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. But our God, has come to give you life and life more abundantly. Someone else is tied to your “More Abundantly.”

Take a moment to scan your life. What’s going on? What’s Good? What’s Bad? In All Things – Give Thanks….. Let me say it AGAIN – He’s preparing you for GREATER. Stop shedding tears, see the bigger picture – THIS IS YOUR TRAINING GROUND. Get up and Work.

In closing – this wasn’t intended to be a long message. It was intended to put matters into perspective. Get busy and don’t quit. Place yourself around others that speak life into you and you reciprocate. Earlier this year God showed me that this was a year of Rehoboth (Gen 26:22). You’ve been toiling and digging to no avail. God says to praise Him in the midst of it all and watch this next “well” spring forth a Blessing that you will not have room enough to receive it. Invest in the life of another. Someone is watching you. Someone needs you. If you allow the enemy to get you to focus on the problem, you’ll never make it to the promise. GET UP and GET TO WORK…

I Love You with the Love of Christ.

“If you can believe, all things are possible to those who believe.”- Mark 9:23

2 Chron 20:20 Believe in the Lord thy God and you shall be established – Believe in His Prophets and you shall Prosper..

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I’m Excited For Your Change,
Pamala Hutcherson, MPA, MHP, CCP
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