Don’t Let Others Hinder Your Progress


Don’t Let Others Hinder Your Progress

TGIF – (Thank God I’m FREE). What has God planted in your heart but you find yourself afraid of what others will think? Don’t let others hinder your progress.  And who made them the final say anyway?  God has the final say!! 

THIS IS YOUR SEASON to RESET — Reset in your family, marriage, children, finances, business, school – whatever concerns you —— RESET.

It’s okay to hit Reset.  To “Reset” means to set again, to start anew.  And if you’re honest with yourself, some of the challenges that have been before you knocked your socks off.   You got off focus – you went back to binge drinking – went back to smoking – went back to sleeping around – stop working out – stop caring – you stop running after God, and even though you knew that wasn’t your God ordained position, it felt better.  Why?  Because it satisfied your flesh and it numbed you from the reality of the pain before you.  But if you could ever get in your mind the things that God has in store for those who Love HIM and take Him at His Word – His Promises for You WOULD KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!!!  God says GET UP and GO.

We are in a fruitful season and God says GET UP and GO!!  Go with God not with people.  People are fickle, their ways are fickle, the wind blows one way and when it shifts so will the fair-weather friends around you.  Go With God.

What am I saying?  Yes, there are many for you in this season, but there comes a place where you have to Cut Away from that which means you “No Good.”  Who are you around? Who’s in your circle? Are they speaking life or wishing death?  Are they pushing you into your NEW or pulling you back into your past?  Don’t let fear rule, for who ever God removes He will replace with those who want to see the best in you.  Trust Him.

Don’t live a life through the lens of your past mistakes, God says GET UP and Go and do it Now.  And as you Get Up, He will supply EVERY Need!  Don’t Believe Me?  Just Watch.

So as we make ready to enter into this 3rd month of 2014, where are you?  What have you taken ahold of?  Live Your Dreams, Live Your Best Life Now!  Yes, starting isn’t easy, but it was never planned for it to be easy.  Anything worth having will require something of you.  Reach into that child, that youth, that young man or woman and live the dream that God planted in you.  I’m not talking ministry.  I’m talking your gift, your talent, your dream – for that is ministry, your service to others – whether its owning a business, finishing school, whatever it may be —- God says Get Up and Go… Run after it with all your strength and He Will Supply Every Need.

2Chron 20:20 Have faith in the LORD your God and you will be upheld; have faith in his prophets and you will be successful.” (NIV)

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“If you can believe, all things are possible to those who believe.”- Mark 9:23

God Bless You and Be With You Always – Love Ya Much

Pamala Hutcherson
The Marketplace Coach