Be found Faithful


Be Found Faithful

Hey Folks – Its been a while. I’ve been pondering what to write and wanted to ensure that what I penned had context and would be relevant to where I believe many find themselves in this season. So as I sit and think about where I myself, am – desire to be – journeying towards, etc., I had to ask myself and now I ask you. Can you be found faithful?

Can you be found faithful to your assignment until God opens the door, elevates you, moves you, etc. Faithful to your present call?

Lets take a look at David. When David was anointed as King, he was found faithful in his present place until God deemed fit to move him into Kingship. David spent over a decade more in the field, tending to the sheep. (The issues, the challenges, the fight, ALL preceded the actual arrival that The Place). As a matter of fact, Samuel in his own thinking on who’d be anointed King, looked at the outer stature of David’s brothers. God had to reveal to Samuel that: man looks at the outer appearance, but God looks on the heart. Jesse presented to Samuel all of his sons, with the exception of David. When the oil didn’t flow on any of the brothers presented, Samuel had to ask “Is There Another”? — Could you be the other? Are you what man didn’t see fit to appoint, but God still opened the door and favored you?

Many of you may feel overlooked. You may feel like you’re not capable. You may feel ill-equipped. But I submit to you today to be found faithful to your call. That vision, dream, business, family, business, education, etc., Wherever you have been assigned to accomplish or complete a thing, be found faithful until God opens the next door. There is someone who has need of you and your gift. And they themselves might ask “Is There Another” and that other will be YOU!!

Be faithful where you are and to where you are assigned, so that when your name is called, your ticket is pulled, or your name is picked — you will have been found faithful and Ready for Your Next Place.

If that’s where you are or where you’ve found yourself in times past, here are a few steps on staying the course and keeping yourself on track.

While you wait:
(1) Trust God in the “Process”
(2) Have an attitude of Gratitude
(3) Encourage yourself in The Lord

“If you can believe, all things are possible to those who believe.”- Mark 9:23

Birmingham, AL – Looking forward to this years conference “Strategies 2 Success – Faith 2 Finish.” We’re finalizing the details and I’m excited to share more in the coming months.

I’m Excited For Your Change,
Dr. Pam
The Marketplace Coach